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Qualify for discounts on auto insurance covers right from the comfort of your home and that too at any time which is convenient to you. Take advantage of cost-free specialist services online for securing a highly discounted vehicle insurance policy that easily meets your specific needs and fits your budget. Act to save lot of money and time during your effort!

Discounts on Car Insurance At QuoteAndInsure

Here’s a list of some important auto insurance discounts that you can qualify for online and lower the premium rate.

  • Multi policy discount: Save money by buying two or more insurance policies through us and get additional coverage. Talk to an expert today!
  • Group savings discount: Determine eligibility for exclusive group savings discount if you are a member of an employee group, credit union or alumni association.
  • Preferred payment method discount Choose a convenient automatic premium payment billing option which works best for your specific circumstances from among a variety of alternatives.
  • Benefit with multiple vehicle discount Accrue savings on premium by adding or changing cars on auto insurance policy with specialist advice and highly personalized services.

Few Vital Discounts For Car Insurance That We Offer

You could be a much better position to secure discount car insurance rates if you drive a car with lots of safety features. Explore your chances of getting an array of discounts as mentioned below.

  • Passive restraint discount: Save up to 30% if your vehicle has side airbags and seatbelts in it.
  • Anti-lock brake discount Obtain extra 10% discount if you are driving a car which has an anti-lock braking system.
  • Anti-theft alarm discount Get up to 10 % discount by getting anti-theft device or security alarm installed in your car.
  • Special new car discount: If you are owner of a vehicle which is less than 2 years old, you can save additional 30% money on your auto insurance premium.
  • Economy vehicle discount You could be eligible for a 10% discount if you drive an economy car or a vehicle that runs on solar power.
  • Qualify for utility discount: If you are driving a utility vehicle that is more than 12 years old, you can get a special discount of up to 15%.
  • Get farm vehicle discount If your vehicle is being primarily used for farming work or on ranch, you could be entitled to receive up to 10% discount.

Discount Car Insurance Through QuoteAndinsure

We also enable drivers to search and find discounted vehicle insurance covers by helping them to determine qualification for the following kinds of car insurance discounts.

  • Teen driver discount Get rewarded by purchasing a discount auto insurance cover for teenaged driver online and lower your car insurance premium rate.
  • Good student discount You can get a special discount on your vehicle insurance premium if you are a student driver under the age of 25 who has maintained an average B grade in your academics.
  • New graduate discount You can secure monetary savings by buying discounted auto insurance quote online with adequate financial protection if you have just passed out graduation recently by completing your studies at college.
  • Newly married discount Benefit with a comprehensive car coverage at the most affordable premium rates for newly-wed couples.
  • Obtain new move discount Find discount auto insurance quotes online that can help you to save some money on premium if you are moving to a new residence which can make the process easier. All you need to do is just update your address.
  • Newly retired discount If you have retired from job, we may assist you to get a discounted car insurance policy with the desired level of coverage for retires.
List Of Various Other Hidden Car Insurance Discounts

Majority of the companies offer different types of car insurance discounts, while some are known to buyers, few others are not. If you are out to check eligibility for various vehicle insurance discounts, you could also take the below mentioned discounts into consideration for lowering your auto insurance premium rate.

  • Transfer discount Some insurers may provide vehicle insurance policies at discounted premium rates to newer customers who intend to shift over from their existing car insurance providers.
  • Online shopper discount It is easy to qualify for cheaper premium rates by comparing multiple free proposals offered by top rated discount car insurance companies with the help of efficient online comparison tools. This way you can earn special discount on your premium depending on the insurance provider.
  • Seat belt usage discount – You can secure discount on premium if you make effective use of seat belts when driving your car. This type of a discount is usually applied to PIP or medical coverage plans.
  • Federal employee discount You can get a discounted auto insurance cover if you are a federal employee who has retired or still in active service.
  • Military car coverage discount – All members of U.S. military could be eligible to get car premium discount if they are:

    • Still in active service
    • Retired from services
    • Working in National Guard
  • Farm bureau discount You can obtain a special discount if you are member of some farm bureau and your record with it in terms of dues payments is in good standing.

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