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Secure a low cost children health insurance which is specifically tailored to cater to the needs and requirements of your children. By buying a tailor-made health insurance policy for your children, you can get peace of mind as it will cover up all expenses incurred on your children’s illnesses or injuries.

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Affordable Health Insurance for Children Only – Benefits Children Can Get

A customized teen’s or children’s health insurance program can offer you the below mentioned benefits.

  • Regular health check-ups
  • Cover doctor or dentist visits
  • Shots and vision care check-ups
  • Hospital and mental health care services
  • Expenses incurred on medicines and hospitalizations

Getting Cheap Health Insurance for Children – Few Things You Must Know

In the year 2014, major changes were effected in the health insurance field with the enactment of the Affordable Health Care or Obamacare health insurance act as a result of which “Child Only” health insurance programs were made available in every state. These health insurance plans are primarily meant to be provided for children only and adults are not covered under them. But certain conditions do apply as under:

  • For pre-existing health condition: Application for health insurance coverage for children as stipulated by health insurance rules and regulations cannot be denied during open enrolment period even if they have some pre-existing health conditions.
  • After open enrolment period is over: Open enrolment period was up to February 2017 and any individual or child who applies for healthcare coverage after that may be declined. Person will have to wait for nest enrolment period.
  • Qualifying life events It is possible to enrol in children’s health insurance plan even after the open enrolment period ended on 15th February 2017 if child has experienced what is known as qualifying life event.
  • Obtain short term children’s coverage Parents who want to get their children enrolled outside of the open enrolment period can think of securing short term health insurance coverage for their children as recommended by experts.
  • Having baby can be a qualifying event Uninsured parent can buy individual health insurance for children and himself if he is excepting a baby within 60 days. If coverage is purchased after child’s birth, it will be effective after 30 days.
  • If someone misses 60 day window, he will have to wait until next open enrolment period begins – People who are expecting a baby and miss the 60 day period will have to wait to get baby’s health covered under Obama healthcare scheme until the new open enrolment period starts.
  • Getting pregnant is NOT a qualifying event If uninsured women get pregnant they are not automatically eligible to get new health insurance plans for children, they will have to apply for healthcare coverage before 15th February 2017.
  • Grandchildren cannot get coverage under grandparent’s policy As far as this rule goes, there could be few exceptions. To that effect, it could be worthwhile to call upon a certified health insurance agent and talk to him.
  • Parents who have missed 60 day period for new-born’s enrolment, they still have other options People who failed to get their new born babies enrolled for children only health insurance covers can get them covered under various gap insurance products until the next open enrolment period opens.
  • Buyers can get a special discount and pay for health insurance if they meet certain requirements The Obama Care or Affordable Health Care Act provides subsidies to low as well as middle income families so that they can pay premiums for getting covered with health insurance policies.

Enrol Your Child in a Public Health Insurance for Children Program Today

In each state, two major programs on health insurance for children only are being made available for providing affordable healthcare insurance coverage to children belonging to lower and middle income families. These are as follows:

  • Medicaid: Medicaid is administered by states and derives funding from state as well as federal governments. It provides health coverage to pregnant women, senior and disabled persons. Even kids who are U.S. citizens can get coverage under this program even if their parents are not enrolled.
  • Children’s Healthcare Insurance Program (CHIP) CHIP is a health insurance for children plan that is funded by federal government and administered by the state government. It offers health coverage to all kids who are under 19 years in age and children of qualified working parents.

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