The Obamacare Health Insurance Program Of 2017 Aims to Benefit Millions of Americans

The term Obamacare refers to “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”, a health care reform law which was signed on the 23rd of March 2010 by President Barack Obama.

The Act’s main objective is to make it easier for millions of Americans to access health insurance at lower costs, improving quality of healthcare services and insurance, regulate entire health insurance industry as well as reduce healthcare spending in US.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Getting Health Insurance under Obama Care 2017

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Obama Care Health Insurance Coverage – Guaranteed Cover, Renewability and Benefits

The key provisions of the Obama Care health insurance plans grant financial protection to consumers both with existing pre-medical conditions and new ones from insurers. Besides, even individuals and small business owners, who were unable to get health coverage because of rising premiums earlier, will now find it easier to get covered.

For addressing all such issues, health insurance market rules have been brought into effect as under:

  • Guaranteed Availability of Coverage Health insurance providers cannot deny coverage to persons who are already having some pre-existing health conditions. Nevertheless, such people are usually required to purchase healthcare coverage when enrolment periods are open. Additionally, individuals can also take advantage of special enrolment opportunities in market if they suffer losses on other coverage.
  • Fair Health Insurance Premiums Companies cannot increase premium rates on health insurance policies which will be provided to individuals even if there are some pre-existing health conditions, claims history, health status, and change in term of coverage, occupation, gender, etc. However, premiums can vary according to age and consumption of tobacco, family size, etc.
  • Guaranteed Renew-ability of Coverage In case of renewal of healthcare coverage, the proposed rules guarantee existing financial protections for all current coverage levels. In addition, there could be some other extra provisions for financially protecting consumers as well as increase choices for smaller employers. But under no circumstances can insurers refuse coverage to sick individuals.

How Obama Care Health Insurance Plan Can Work for You, Your Family And Your Business

To get benefitted with provisions of the affordable Obama Care health insurance plan, you first need to buy minimum amount of health insurance coverage and maintain it for a year. If that is not the case, you must either apply for exemption or agree to pay “shared responsibility” fees with your yearly federal taxes for every month that passes without coverage.

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