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Get expert help to locate top rated companies that offer the best short term health insurance plans online. Save time and money during your effort to secure a temporary healthcare policy for you as well as your family which fits your budget. By securing a low cost health insurance for short term basis, you can effectively bridge gap in health coverage during transition period. can assist you to get a short term healthcare plan that gives you flexibility to drop health coverage anytime without paying any penalty or even enable you to get another term cover based on your specific needs.

Work With The Nation’s Top Rated Short Term Health Insurance Companies

The short term health insurance quotes offered by top rated insurers with our nationwide network online can help you to:

  • Get covered for events like bodily injury or some unexpected illness
  • Obtain coverage outside open enrolment period despite ineligibility for qualifying event.
  • Get enrolled for short term health insurance coverage within a day.
  • Select health insurance plan duration from 30 days up to 1 year.
  • Bridge gaps during transition times.

Why Buy Short Term Health Insurance?

Buying a low cost short term health insurance USA plan can be a great option for those who are in between healthcare coverage options, for whom it is not mandatory to purchase health insurance or for people who are in need of catastrophic healthcare cover outside the open enrolment period.

Here Are Some Valid Reasons to Get a Short Term Health Insurance Policy

  • You are between jobs
  • Waiting for your employer’s group healthcare coverage to start
  • Waiting for your state’s Marketplace health insurance coverage to begin
  • Travelling outside of health policy’s network area
  • Passed graduation recently or is seasonal employee
  • No longer covered as dependent under your parents plan
  • An employee who is on strike, laid-off, or terminated

What Services Are Covered Under Cheap Short Term Health Insurance Plan?

The below mentioned health aspects will get covered under contents of a good short term health care insurance cover:

  • Doctor's office or home visits
  • Routine diagnostic health services
  • Prescribed medicines and hospital stays
  • Emergency care as well as ambulance services
  • Skilled nursing assistance and home healthcare services
  • Therapy services for physical, occupational, speech, cardiac as also pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) care
  • Durable medical equipment as well as prosthetics and orthotics

Reap an Array of Benefits with the Best Short Term Health Insurance Cover

  • Plans can prove to be effective in bridging gaps in health coverage before a comprehensive health insurance plan comes into effect.
  • Premiums charged for short term health care insurance covers are much lower than those charged for traditional health insurance policies.
  • Some plans don’t have any preferred healthcare provider condition. This implies that buyer can get covered even if he visits any hospital or medical professional in the entire country.
  • Majority of the short term temporary health insurance covers take effect in as less as 24 hours from application date.
Short Term Health Insurance Policies and Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Those of you who are thinking of buying health insurance for short term online, here’s some crucial piece of information. Healthcare plans for shorter durations do not offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions which have been diagnosed or for which treatments have been received during the past 2 to 5 years.

Although the definition of the term “health pre-conditions” is likely to vary from state to state, you need to know that if you already have some pre-existing medical condition, you can be altogether dropped from short term healthcare coverage or denied claims payments. However, such a proposal might not apply to major health insurance plans which are Obamacare compliant.

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Need health insurance for a limited period of time? Well, getting short healthcare insurance cover may be your best bet

Looking to get a temporary healthcare coverage? If yes, buying a short term health insurance policy may be the answer. We will help you to find Short Term Health Insurance for your specific circumstances regardless of whether you are looking for the most affordable coverage or determining eligibility for getting a subsidy for lowering your health insurance cover premium.

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