Medicare Part B

Traditional Medicare has several parts each of which has specific areas of coverage, Medicare Part B covers medically necessary services and preventive care.When you become eligible for Medicare you automatically receive Part A at no cost to you in most cases. Part B is different as it requires a premium.

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Medically Necessary Services?

If you are ill and make a visit to your doctor it is Part B that pays for that visit, should he require some test to diagnose your condition that too is covered by Part B.

Medication administered by a health care provider, ambulance services, clinical research, durable medical equipment all are covered by Part B.

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Preventive Care?

Getting a flu shot? Mammogram or other screening to detect disease when it is most treatable? That’s Medicare Part B too. Mental health services both inpatient and outpatient as well as partial hospitalizations are also covered by this portion of Medicare.

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Medicare Part B Coverage: Maybe where an Advantage Plan could be better?

Every Medicare Advantage Plan must provide the same coverage as Traditional Medicare but an Advantage Plan may offer much more. Options on some Medicare Advantage Plans include hearing, extended vision coverage and dental which Traditional Medicare Part B does not.

Always check with your health care provider to see if the procedure or test that they have required will be covered by Medicare Part B as duplicate procedures from different providers may not. If you have questions about anything involving Traditional Medicare your best source of information on the internet is

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